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Castaway - 20" x 16" Abstract Acrylic Painting

Castaway - 20" x 16" Abstract Acrylic Painting

Obscurest night involv'd the sky,
Th' Atlantic billows roar'd,
When such a destin'd wretch as I,
Wash'd headlong from on board,
Of friends, of hope, of all bereft,
His floating home for ever left.
-- The Castaway by William Cowper 

Add a pop of colour, texture, and mystery to living room decor, bedroom decor, and bathroom decor with this one-of-a-kind stunner. This piece was created using "leftover" paint that was destined for the trash until the artist gave the colours new life. Take this beauty home today and bring new life, new energy, into your home.

*20" x 16" inches original acrylic painting on canvas
*Worldwide shipping available (contact me for shipping costs to your region). 
*Artwork ships wrapped and cushioned in a heavy-duty cardboard box
*Hooks can be added upon request
*10% of profits donated to enviornmental charities 

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