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About the Artist

Hi, I'm Tanya Roberts. Nice to meet you! *tips hat*. I began my professional artistic journey when I first appeared on the Vancouver art scene in 2020. Since then, I have participated in a number of collaborative projects and have sold my artwork around the world.


I am primarily self-taught and have my own approach to and definition of art. I believe in constantly taking risks, finding beauty and inspiration wherever I look. 

My style blends abstractism and realism, often toggling between the two. I love adding texture, metallics, calming colours, and subtle metaphor that explores the intersection of nature and mankind. I will never tire of painting mountains, trees, and water. 

I also believe that those who admire the beauty of nature have a duty to protect it. To help protect the nature I admire, I donate 10 percent of my profits to environmental charities.

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