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10% for the Planet

I grew up on a 100-acre farm in southern Ontario and now reside in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia. Growing up surrounded by nature has made me keenly aware of protecting it. I believe that those who admire the beauty of nature also have a duty to preserve it. That’s why I donate 10 percent of all profits to environmental charities. My contribution is small, but my voice is loud. Keep scrolling to learn more about the charities I support.

Mist Over the Mountains
Nature Trust Image.jpg

The Nature Trust of BC

For 50 years, The Nature Trust has delivered on its promise to build a treasury of natural spaces and protect iconic species in BC. Together with its partners, The Nature Trust of BC has acquired 500 properties covering 178,000 acres (72,000 hectares). These properties have been scientifically vetted to ensure they protect vulnerable species and preserve biodiversity. Vulnerable species like the Behr’s Hairstreak Butterfly, the Contorted Pod Evening Primrose, the Marbled Murrelet, or the Great Basin Spadefoot may not seem glamorous or important, but these rare and wonderful plants and animals are some of the most endangered species in Canada. Ten percent of my latest collection will be donated to The Nature Trust of BC. When you purchase my artwork, you beautify your home and protect our planet.

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