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Livable Luxury: 4 Ways to Style a Golden Tree Painting

Updated: May 24, 2021

Whether you're an avid decorator in search of that perfectly styled room or a college student who's outgrown art prints, an original abstract painting is a great way to elevate your style. For most decorators, though, it's difficult to visualize how a painting will look in their home. Keep reading to see an original abstract tree painting in four different room scenes. Scene #1: Simple Elegance

In this scene, a golden tree painting works harmoniously with neutral white walls, a brass table lamp, and blonde wood floors. This lovely handmade Canadian wall art adds a hint of glamour, without screaming "look at me!" For down-to-earth decorators, adding a hint of gold is a way to venture outside your comfort zone without being ostentatious. Scene #2: Moody & Mossy

In this sitting room, a golden tree painting adds drama to an already dark, moody look. The textured ground in the tree painting pairs beautifully with the earthy throw pillow, a subtle detail that pulls this room together. If you look closely, you'll see lots of layers and texture in the tree painting, providing a tactile treat and fodder for conversation. The chunky knitted rug adds an additional layer of texture, for a look that will surely turn heads.

Scene #3: Urban Boho

Boho décor has taken the interior design world by storm, but some decorators crave a fresher, more modern take on this trend. In this room scene, you'll see all the typical elements of of boho décor—the Rattan, the macramé, the textiles—but with unexpected artwork. Edit this trend to your taste by adding an original abstract tree painting to a otherwise natural boho décor scheme. Scene #4: Beautiful Brass

Brass everything—a beautiful complement to neutral décor schemes that feature marble, wood, and other natural materials—is one of my favourite trends. In this room scene, the brass pendant lights and abstract tree painting add texture and visual interest, for a contemporary, eclectic look that's always on-trend. About the Artwork

This 28" x 22" acrylic tree painting features a textured, cracked ground and gold and sliver flecks throughout. The forest represents a sense of calm, of awe and wonder, for those who take the time to look up and explore her depths. Add beauty and depth to any space with the subtle beauty of this mystical golden forest. BROWSE ORIGINAL ARTWORK

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